forex trading bonusOne of the most exciting things about a traditional and common broker is its bonus system. As a matter of fact, with this big competition between the current, the old and the newest brokers in Forex marker, having a good bonus system is a must for any company of this kind. Otherwise, consumers will pass it by and they will not be able to handle the hard completion. But speaking of bonus systems and bonuses you need to be fully aware of what a Forex bonus actually is. Today is your day and you will finally figure it out. And if you are a beginner in the field, the information below will be quite important for you. See everything you need to know about a Forex bonus in general now!

A Forex bonus is a regular bonus

This means that you don`t pay for it and it is a kind of a gift. Bonuses that are offered by Forex brokers, of course, are different as to the amount of money or the award they give or the requirements they have to be used. However, in all cases, a Forex bonus is always a gift that is given to you as a compliment by a company that owes the broker you have joined or about to join. Sometimes, it is a sum of money, in other cases a bonus might depend on your activity or deposit and etc.

Do I always have to use the bonus?

In most cases, the answer is YES! But only in most cases. Sometimes, a Forex bonus might be just not that suitable for you, for your experience level or even for your future plans for trading. This is why you need to figure it out if to use the bonus, or not at the concrete moment. You can do this judgment by reading the terms and conditions of the specific bonus. Here is where you also can figure it out how the bonus work, what and whom it is made for and etc. Though, never choose the broker by the bonuses, because sometimes, they might be very tricky. And those brokers that in general are not reliable at all, cover their faults with too generous bonuses. And consumers to bite it…You shouldn`t do that!
What are the main types of a Forex bonus?
Here are the main types of Forex bonuses you can find during your trading activity, regardless the types of the brokers you usually chose to sign in:

  • Deposit bonus is a bonus that depends on the deposit amount you invest in your Forex broker account. This is a bonus that is offered as % of the deposit you make.
  • Cashbak bonus is a bonus that covers your loss, when you make a trade.
  • Refer a friend is a bonus program. According to it, you receive money – as a bonus – when you invite another person to register in the website you are registered, too.

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